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  The 1000 Load Fuck

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SKU: TL20930
Price: £36.00
Studio: Treasure Island
Director: Paul Morris
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Brad McGuire
Andre Barclay
BJ Slater
Bryce Anderson
Chad Rock
Derek Anthony
George Glass
Ian Jay
James Roscoe
JC Woof
Jerry Stearns
Jessy Karson
Lito Cruz
Paul Stag
Ray Dalton
Tober Brandt


Ian Jay told Treasure Island of his darkest desire - but they were not sure if it was possible. Can a man take a gallon of semen up his guts? Well, there was only one way to find out - and so was born The 1000 Load Fuck! In a prelude to the iconic scene, Jessy Karson is paired with Ian Jay. Karson's attitude toward life is tattooed right across his lean chest - play hard - and these are the words this wildman lives by. This is a dedicated hard-boring, self-sucking ass-fucker, a man who grins devilishly while he pounds a helpless ass with his oversized man-ramming cock and that's exactly what he does to Ian Jay. Jessy taunts that hole, then rams the meat in, hard and merciless. There's little Ian can do but grunt and moan as he takes it. In the end, Jessy leaves Ian with a big wad of man-jizz delivered deep - and just enough energy to crawl around and gratefully lick Jessy's huge tool slickety-clean.The 1000 Load Fuck started with a serious challenge from youngster Ian Jay. He wanted to try to take literally a gallon of sperm up his perfect little ass so there was nothing else to do but began 'the harvest' - the milking of literally hundreds of men to gather together a full-to-the-brim gallon of human semen! And so began The 1000 Load Fuck. The event itself was unlike anything anyone had ever experienced. There was mad fuck-energy in the air, the room smelled thick with the rich sharp protein tang of random anonymous loads and the unspeakable task of felching the unholy mess of man-goo out of Ian's overflowing ass, licking it off throbbing fuck-fresh cocks, off sheets and off the floor went to the world's felching champion, James Roscoe. The room was pandemonium with cum and cock-crazed men throwing themselves in, diving more deeply into sex madness. And Ian will never be fucked like that again. As a gallon of jizz is methodically squirted deep in his ass, a fucker plugs his hole and ram-jams it in, pivoting and pile-driving until the froth is spraying every which way! Not to be denied his rightful reward, and proving just how truly insatiable a slop-whore he is, Ian licks the thousand-load cumjar clean. Between his ass and his mouth, Ian takes more sperm in this one scene than any human before him - ever! And still Roscoe has the presence of mind to climb on, slide his nice quivering cock into Ian's sloppiest of all holes ever and quickly pump out yet another load, squirting the lost-babies in, mixing his own daddy-juice with the filthy residue of jizz-leavings of hundreds of other men. The 1000 Load Fuck is truly a monstrous and wonderful landmark in man-sex. It's gotta be seen to be believed! Cast: James Roscoe, Keer, Jerry Stearns, Dawson, Seth, Jessy Karson, Brad McGuire, Derek Anthony, Calvin, Ian Jay, BJ Slater, Paul Stag, Tober Brandt, Ray Dalton, Craig, Bryce Anderson, George Glass, JC Woof, Trevor, Andre Barclay, Chad Rock, Lito Cruz

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