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  Les Minets De L'Info

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SKU: CD4696
Price: £53.00
Studio: Cadinot
Director: Jean Daniel Cadinot
Source: Europe
Language: French
System: PAL
Alan Silberg
Alexandre Parrys
Anton Jourdan
Axel Lombard
Axel Vermuist
Claudio Rosso
Elyes Ardini
Eric Vespucci
Gilles Barthelemy
Lorenzo Venturi
Lucien LeBrun
Michel Bernadet
Salvador Merida


A news bulletin like you'd like to see more often! Stay calm - it's just a distraction! The 8 o'clock news is reinvented by Cadinot in Les Minets De L'Info, a classic Cadinot film from 1994. In five scenes, sixteen gorgeous twinks burst onto your screen - enough to shatter the mind of the strongest viewer! From the first scene where four pupils in a school are held prisoner by a sexual crank to a traffic warden who accepts payment in kind instead of a fine from the young offender who is all for this method of payment - you'll be glued to the screen by the classic horny Cadinot action! Cast: Elyes Ardini, Gilles Barthelemy, Michel Bernadet, Anton Jourdan, Lucien Lebrun, Axel Lombard, Salvador Merida, Alexandre Parrys, Claudio Rosso, Alan Silberg, Lorenzo Venturi, Axel Vermuist, Eric Vespucci

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