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  Wild Rangers 3
Wild Rangers 3

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SKU: MP17487
Price: £33.00
Studio: Centaur Films
Director: Chip Daniels
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: NTSC
Brad McGuire
Austin Shadow
Barrett Long
Brock Masters
Dolph Donovich
Drew Peters
Erik Austin
Jacob Hall
Jacques Moulin
Kaleb Scott
Rico Suave
Timmy Thomas


Wild Rangers 3 repeats the familiar formula of butch park rangers on the trail of bad boys. This time the perps have kidnapped Jacques Moulin and are holding him for ransom. In tracking him down, the park rangers have sex with each other, suspects, and finally with what's left of the gang and, of course, Jacques Moulin, who looks to be 19 or 20, and is by far the most attractive model in the cast. He's not great sex yet, but has a most appealing asshole and no one since Hans Ebson has sounded better begging to be fucked - and fucked he is, by Jacob Hall, Drew Peters, and Brock Masters. As usual in this series, a lot of time is spent on non sexual activities - horseback riding, a chase on foot, for example - to add reality to the mix, but Centaur still serves up a generous helping of sex. Of the scenes, one is extended by a solo by Timmy Thomas, and the final scene gets extra life when Masters joins the three-way with Moulin, Hall, and Peters. Close-ups, of course, are frequent and sometimes inspired. Highlights are Barrett Long's cum-shot, the Kaleb Scott DP, Hall rimming Moulin, Peters' no-hands ejaculation, and Moulin just breathing and being beautiful. Recommended for newcomer Jacques Moulin and uniforms. Cast: Brock Masters, Barrett Long, Timmy Thomas, Brad McGuire, Rico Suave, Erik Austin, Kaleb Scott, Dolph Donovich, Drew Peters, Jacob Hall, Austin Shadow, Devon, Jacques Moulin

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