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SKU: LD10851
Price: £20.00
Studio: High Octane
Director: Herve Bodilis
Source: United Kingdom
Language: Foreign
System: PAL
Andrej Zulavskij
Arnold Sallang
August Habarcs
Dalton Labda
Daniel Magam
Fred Fele
Garcia Udulo
Isidore Nadas
James Bajital
Logan Sajnal
Luis Badog
Luke Jarkal
Manuel Macko
Matthew Sakk
Richard Fahaz
Rick Bauer
Samuel Galamb
Terence Kiadas
Thierry Golyo
Zaid Sebhely


Cuddled in bed, Bauer and Fele epitomize romantic bliss in Underground. But innocent looking Fele has a sexual wild side, an itch to be fucked as urgent as his need to breathe, and we go on a cocks tour of his fantasies. Strikingly handsome muscle gods and cute twinks sense the primal craving of this jungle animal in heat and delight in satisfying it. Sixteen guys penetrate his insatiable hole before Bauer fills it in the steamy conclusion. Fele joins in after watching bullnecked Sallang and slender Macko seduce each other In a bunker. Macko sits on Sallang's beefy lap for a hot sit-fuck, and Fele shoves Macko's thick meat in his mouth. Then Sallang stuffs Fele's butt as Macko ecstatically pushes his prick through Fele's lips, heating it up in preparation for his turn fucking the prize hole. At an underground winery, as Fele revels in voyeuristic pleasure, swarthy Sebhely sucks on the cock swinging between the legs of incredibly gorgeous Zulawskij. Their hot fucking rattles the wine barrels. A spectacular orgy follows in an underground parking garage. Fele wanders through it, anticipation rising as he passes clusters of sublimely good looking men, undressing them with his eyes, beguiled by the thought of all those cocks. He hooks up with Fahaz, and they are joined by Labda, Kiadas and Habarcs for a suck/fuck party of five. Horny couples and threesomes seen in every direction also get down and dirty then gather closer for a 15-man gang bang. Fele's legs are held high and apart by two naked gods as the other sex hounds take turns stuffing his hole. After Fele cums on his stomach, the rest splatter man loads all over him. The sensation of that fanciful cum bath has Fele whipped to a frenzy as he returns to the present, jacking his super stiff cock, snuggling even closer to dozing Bauer. As he sucks Bauer's hot rod to the root, Bauer grunts with raw pleasure then returns the favor, wrapping his thick lips around Fele's throbbing joy stick, straining jaw muscles to swallow it whole. Bauer pistons a huge red dildo in and out of Fele's chute then claims his role as Fele's living, breathing butt stuffer, from behind and sideways, squeezing his balls hard against Fele's supple ass cheeks. Bauer tea bags Fele, letting the flicking tongue coax an enormous eruption from his churning balls, and Fele unloads on himself. Cast: Garcia Udulo, Matthew Sakk, James Bajital, Richard Fahaz, Fred Fele, Luis Badog, Terence Kiadas, August Habarcs, Samuel Galamb, Isidore Nadas, Thierry Golyo, Logan Sajnal, Luke Jarkal, Daniel Magam, Dalton Labda, Andrej Zulavskij, Zaid Sebhely, Rick Bauer, Manuel Macko, Arnold Sallang

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