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  Sex Revolution
Sex Revolution

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SKU: GH423
Price: £24.00
Studio: Mans Best
Director: Rolf Hammerschmidt
Source: Germany
Language: German
System: PAL
George Spitz
Oliver Kirst


Sex Revolution is an historical sex romp in the French countryside during the days of the French Revolution when the peasants and servants overthrew the aristocracy.The tale begins with Bel Ami star Oliver Krist as a pissboy who boldly helps his master flick off the last drop then gets a rough fuck right there on the garden wall. Oliver conspires with the local peasants to overthrow the aristocrats. These locals are just as horny as the noblemen, and the video flashes from cute teenaged peasants sucking and fucking, back to the manor for more incredible young aristocrat action. In a cute ending, Oliver becomes the master of the manor. A cast of fifteen succulent 18-to-21 year old guys are featured in eight raucious sex scenes with authentic period costuming. Cast: Oliver Kirst, George Spitz, Others

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