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  Pledgemaster: The Hazing
Pledgemaster: The Hazing

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SKU: FC8780
Price: £31.00
Studio: Falcon Studio
Director: John Bruno
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Cameron Marshall
Dayton O Connor
Derrek Diamond
Erik Rhodes
Jake Woods
John Magnum
Kyler Benz
Luke Marcum
Nash Lawler
Patrick Kennedy
TJ Hawke


In Pledgemaster: The Hazing, sexual hi-jinks are sweeping through campus where a new crop of unsuspecting collegians are forced into a raucous night of ritual hazing that'll separate the men from the boys. With orders from above, Nash Lawler and his frat bothers prowl the campus. Spotting their prey - Kyler Benz, Cameron Marshall and Dayton O'Connor - they are quick to pounce, dragging the lads into the van. The frightened plebes are instructed to strip down to their briefs before Cameron is forced to quarry Nash's salami. Cameron complies, his head bobbing up and down the shaft until the amused Lawler cums on his face! Under the cloak of darkness, the pledges are ushered into the frat house, Nash and his brother-in-crime, John Magnum take Kyler and Dayton down a darkened stairway until they reach a secret chamber. As part of the initiation rites, the boys are bent over and get their bare asses paddled. The Pledgemasters instruct their captives to suck on each other's cock and lick each other's balls. Then Nash takes Dayton and John picks Kyler and the cruel masters have their way slamming their cocks in the boys' mouths and then up their assholes, making them whimper with each forceful thrust. Pledgemaster Erik Rhodes readies himself to welcome Derrek Diamond into their fraternity and after questioning his willingness to go the distance, he makes the handsome candidate strip down. He orders Derrek to lick his boots clean, then belts his naked rump with a riding crop. Next he stuffs his thick uncut cock down Derrek's throat, causing the pledge to gag on its girth. But Erik can also be benevolent. He comforts Derrek by sucking his cock and rimming his ass. Erik quickly follows the oral consolation with some swordplay as he impales his little bro with his mighty weapon. The rape is fierce but welcomed and both studs work up a sweat. Only when they both blow their loads do they savour their personal victory, their special bond. They are now brothers in all ways and in a symbolic gesture, Erik welcomes Derrek into their special fellowship by pouring hot melted wax all over his chest! Cast: Erik Rhodes, Derrek Diamond, Nash Lawler, T.J. Hawke, Cameron Marshall, Patrick Kennedy, Jake Woods, Kyler Benz, John Magnum, Dayton O'Connor, Luke Marcum

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