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  Neighbours 3
Neighbours 3

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SKU: MA9413
Price: £27.00
Studio: At Your Own Risk
Director: Robert Boggs
Source: Europe
Language: Foreign
System: NTSC
Andre Aston
Benjamin Dunn
Jay Ozzi
Jeffrey Foster
Joshua Campi
Justin Boyle
Justin Conway
Thomas Swings
Timothy Grant


Neighbours 1 and 2 were so hot it needed a third viewing, so AYOR present Neighbours 3. Justin has a meeting with a boy who he met last night in a bar. Jay is a sprayer - a paint sprayer, but today Jay has a plan - he wants to fuck Justin. Justin lives in a shared apartment with a few friends and today Justin is in the apartment completely alone so he takes advantage and strokes his dick in the bathroom. The door creaks open and in walks Jay and this boy knows what he wants and heads straight for Justin in the bathroom. The bar doesn't open for another hour and the barman changes into his uniform. The other barman arrives and he convinces Benjamin to take off his underwear - well they have an hour to spare. Andre is passing out advertising fliers by the entrance to the metro. Jeffrey has seen him there for three days already and today he gets into a conversation with him. What a coincidence, they are Neighbours! See these twinks take advantage of their Neighbours! Cast: Jay Ozzi, Andre Aston, Justin Boyle, Joshua Campi, Jeffrey Foster, Justin Conway, Timothy Grant, Benjamin Dunn, Thomas Swings

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