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  I Want You
I Want You

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SKU: FC11492
Price: £31.00
Studio: Falcon Studio
Director: Steve Cruz
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Adrian Long
Angelo Marconi
Christopher Daniels
Connor Maguire
Jay Roberts
Landon Conrad


A shared glass of wine, a picnic, a passionate make-out session and a romantic road trip - these hot studs find themselves in some very romantic situations in I Want You. They look into each other's eyes and the romance turns into hot lust that can't be contained. A good white wine is enough to give DO and Christopher Daniels license to get drunk on lust. A few sips of the juice leads to heavy man-kisses followed quickly with Christopher sucking on Dos enormous cock. Christopher soon climbs atop the table and hunkers down, his ass exposed and twitching for DO to prime with tongue jabs and finger pokes before DO spreads the moaning blonde's legs far apart and hammers home. Adrian Long and Angelo Marconi are blissfully picnicking in the warm afternoon, feeding each other some juicy grapes and then eagerly feeding on each other. Angelo greedily feasts on his lover's salami whilst Adrian attacks Angelo's ass, rimming the puckered hole and deftly jamming fingers and his thumb deep inside. Ready for more, Angelo mounts Adrian and skewers himself onto his hefty meatpole. They continue screwing heavily, and then with Angelo down on his back, neither can hold back and they both blow their wads. Basking in the warm sunlight overlooking the forested valley, DO and Connor Maguire find comfort and pleasure in each other's strong embrace. The two men kiss passionately until Connor slides down onto his knees to face the hefty treasure sprouting from DO's loins. The hungry young jock's head bobs back and forth as he swallows his man's meaty sword, deep-throating its enormity. Connor then balances himself on top of DO and bounces up and down on his thick cock. They reposition so DO can fuck him up the ass from behind, and every thrust in and out has both men reeling with desire. Driving along a coastal road, Landon Conrad and Jay Roberts pull over to survey the horizon and snap some shots. They then continue their journey until finding a secluded spot to relax and unwind. Both men are equally handsome, big-muscled and horny as hell, and this off-road tryst is something they've been craving. With the clothes flying off and dicks emerging, the hunger for carnal exchange takes over, leading these guys to share some of the most passionate sucking and fucking ever encountered! Cast: Landon Conrad, DO, Angelo Marconi, Adrian Long, Christopher Daniels, Connor Maguire, Jay Roberts

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