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  Every Last Inch
Every Last Inch

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SKU: LD12614
Price: £5.00
Studio: Huge Video
Director: Matt Sterling
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: PAL
Brudi Karl
Istvan Provey
Jorge Eberon
Keno Havide
Serge Marvec
Sven Holzer
Tibor Kovo
Zoli Miklos


Good to the last drop, Every Last Inch is a worthy addition to the Matt Sterling tradition. Though light on plot, the basic theme has hung Hungarian studs working it in and outside a boxing gym. Co-directed by Marc Fredrics, production value is nearly flawless, with cameras covering the action from almost every desirable angle. What sets this one head and shoulders above your typical fare is that the cast is filled with guys who want sex. And they aren't too shy to show it on camera. In a departure from the staged, phony versatility we see in so many dvds, this one features cock-hungry bottoms and skilled top men who know how to ram their holes. The hottest scene takes place at the steam room where horny Zori Miklos flashes his big fat boner at jocular Jorge Eberon. The jock goes for the bait, blowing Miklos' pole like a pro. Then he spreads to receive the ride of his life. The sizzling fuck coverage climaxes with Miklos' amazing, ass-drenching cumshot, which blasts wave after wave of hot spunk. The most romantic scene transpires in - of all places - a boxing ring. After sparring together, Brudi Karl and Serge Marvec kiss and massage each other's cocks. Hot men, great sex, top notch footage. Naturally unshaven pubes and hairy assholes are a plus. Cast: Sven Holzer, Zoli Miklos, Keno Havide, Brudi Karl, Serge Marvec, Tibor Kovo, Istvan Provey, Jorge Eberon


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