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  Encounters: Flash Point
Encounters: Flash Point

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SKU: MP24210
Price: £25.00
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Director: Michael Lucas
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: PAL
Ben Andrews
Chad Hunt
Chad Leigh
Danny Bitho
Henrique Santana
Kent Larson
Ray Star
Wilson Vasquez


Whose dick is bigger - Chad Hunt's or Ben Andrews'? It's the question taking the porn industry by storm and with Encounters: Flash Point you can finally decide for yourself. Photographer Kent Larson can't take his eyes off sculpted model Wilson Vasquez during a fashion photoshoot. When Kent sprays Wilson's swimsuit with water to get it wet, he can't resist the urge to suck the giant, rock-hard, uncut cock bulging underneath. Wilson obliges and soon fucks Kent's hungry ass like there's no tomorrow. Ad executive Ray Star is a nightmare of a boss who fires graphic designer Danny Bitho just for using the wrong color. Danny punches Ray for being such a dick, but then he realizes how much he'd rather suck Ray's huge dick instead. The two suck each other off and Ray pounds Danny's hole until the juices fly. Chad Leigh yearns for relief after a long night of studying in his dorm. He starts jacking off to dirty magazines when his roommate, hot Latin exchange student Henrique Santana, walks in on him. Henrique assures Chad that he doesn't mind, and whips out his own uncut member as proof. They go on to suck and fuck the night away. In the most talked-about scene of the year, horny young stud Sal visits a porn shop buddy booth for a quick fix, but ends up with a gagging mouthful of the two biggest dicks in the industry - Ben Andrews' and Chad Hunt's. After deep-throating both monster cocks through glory holes, the threesome squeeze into the booth for a lengthy suck-and-fuck fest that has Sal's tight hole squealing to a cum-gushing conclusion. Cast: Ray Star, Danny Bitho, Ben Andrews, Sal, Chad Hunt, Chad Leigh, Henrique Santana, Kent Larson, Wilson Vasquez

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