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  All About Bel Ami
All About Bel Ami

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SKU: BA9342
Price: £31.00
Studio: Bel Ami
Director: Mel Roberts
Source: USA
Language: English Subtitles
System: NTSC
Adrian Kinski
Claude Cocteau
Dano Sulik
Erik Kovac
Ion Davidov
Johan Paulik
Julian Armanis
Lukas Ridgeston
Marcel Bouvier
Martin Lennox
Nico Tiziani
Oleg Vronski
Oliver Krist
Pierre Delon
Sebastian Bonnet


If you are a fan then All About Bel Ami is a must. We learn all about Bel Ami by travelling with the stars and the crew to different shooting locations. We get to see the boys acting playful as they interact with one another in different settings, such as book signings and the Gay AVN Awards. One hot sequence has the models stroking their cocks and then pouring plaster onto them to make moulds for dildos. There are plenty of interviews and intimate glimpses into the lives of the boys we love. With the exception of the gorgeous Chance, the interview segments are subtitled. Movie cuts including Lucky Lukas, An American in Prague,The English Student, Cherries, Frisky Summer, and Summer Camp are interspersed throughout and also included is footage that never made it into these movies. This is a lengthy dvd that offers some real bang for your buck. A fascinating look into the group of men and boys who continually bring us such exquisite erotica. Cast: Lukas Ridgeston, Johan Paulik, Adrian Kinski, Chance, Claude Cocteau, Dano Sulik, Erik Kovac, Ion Davidov, Julian Armanis, Marcel Bouvier, Martin Lennox, Nico Tiziani, Oleg Vronski, Oliver Krist, Pierre Delon, Sebastian Bonnet

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