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SKU: EC579
Price: £27.00
Studio: Bulldog XXX
Director: Maxwell Barber
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: NTSC
Andreas Cavalli
Benjamin O Neil
Carlo Cox
Dan Jenkins
Jason O Connor
Marco DiLucca
Rob Easton
Zachary Waterstone
Zack Elias


Horny young twinks and hardened fuckers join forces to give you unparalleled access to the initiation of young British pups into the world of leather, toys and big fat dicks pounding inside them in Pups. Leading his boy into the sex chamber, Andreas orders him to lick his buff body all over! Slapping his ass and eating his smooth puckered hole, this bearded master keeps the lead in his hands at all times, making sure Marco knows who owns him at all times. Eventually bending him over, the master takes the slave right up the ass, pulling open his butt and slamming his big dick all the way and fucks him furiously. Sliding in and out, we get to see it all, especially the great pained expression on Marco as he gets it rough and hard. Handsome Jay, scally Jason and cock hungry Dan enjoy every second of their groups sex, Dan especially as he's the lucky sod to get topped by both the other lads. Jason's first up, and pushes his nicely sized dick into the pup, working it down to the balls while Jay fucks Dan's face, feeding him hot dick, properly stuffing him with man meat! Jay is soon inside the already well fucked ass, putting in his share of the fun with a great pounding, which leaves everyone completely saturated in hot boy spunk from the face down. Leathered up in boots and harness, hairy stud Rob descends to where his boy Zack is held. After some face fucking, Zack gets the full force of Rob's thick meat being really slammed hard into him, the yelps he releases just show how hard he's getting it and the merciless Rob doesn't let up! Even the dildos used to prep his willing to please ass didn't help him out, that tight butt gets abused harder than it ever has been before! Suited Carlo tells Ben to slowly strip whilst he himself gets slowly undressed, letting us see his muscled hairy body and proud dick, which Ben just can't stop sucking! Ben soon gets his hot ass opened up and, taking all Carlo has to give, calls out for more and more. Carlo fucks this lad senseless, making him bounce on his rock hard cock until he and his pup are about to spunk. The eager bottom boy is back with Zachary, and the muscled mixed race dude soon gets him on his knees and with a face full of cock. Kissing and playing with his butt as he's bent double on the chair, he opens him up, getting his fingers nice and wet and sliding in and out of his ass, first one, then two, then an awesome dildo opens it even wider! The muscles on Zachary are amazing, his biceps are bulging as he works that dildo ever deeper, stretching his hole open. Slamming his dick inside the abused hole, Zachary pins his boy down and slams inside, letting him stretch his hole wider and faster! These Pups are forced to take what their greedy masters give them and their holes are stretched, throats are fucked and the boys are covered in cum, from hungry faces to freshly fucked butts! Heavenly! Cast: Andreas Cavalli, Benjamin O'Neil, Carlo Cox, Dan Jenkins, Jason O'Connor, Jay, Marco DiLucca, Rob Easton, Zachary Waterstone, Zack Elias

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