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  More Than You Can Handle

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SKU: BA1506
Price: £33.00
Studio: Lukas Ridgeston
Director: Marty Stevens
Source: USA
Language: English + Others
System: NTSC
Alex Orioli
Ariel Vanean
Dolph Lambert
Elijah Peters
Florian Nemec
Harris Hilton
Jason Clark
Jean-Daniel Chagall
Kevin Warhol
Luke Hamill
Milo Peters
Vadim Farrell


Blessed with a title befitting its contents, More Than You Can Handle features an eye-popping gangbang, a notorious group fuck filled with first-timers and the biggest circle jerk in porn history, shot on location in South Africa. Maestro George Duroy threw all caution to the wind and flew 27 of his models to South Africa and decided to take on one of gay porn's longest-standing records, that of the mega-circle jerk. It's rather appropriate that 27 beauties were used, since it's been exactly 27 years since the previous record-holding film - William Higgins' Class Reunion - was released. Coincidence? Who knows and who cares - the scene plays out like a veritable feast of well-orchestrated cocksmanship. It's literally breathtaking to watch. The two other orgies that make up the rest of the film are no less thrilling. Shot completely bareback and overflowing with uncut masterpieces of meat and gag-o-riffic oral and facial cumshots. Much of this footage was originally shot for Bel Ami's website, but seeing it via disc on screen will make you book a flight in a heartbeat so you can join in. You've read about it, you might have seen some of the images, you may have even watched the footage online, but until you've experienced this one splayed across your screen in all its mind-blowing glory, you ain't seen nothing yet! More Than You Can Handle might just take you to that very point. The sexiest, most well-hung boys with more than twenty feet of cock combined. Can you handle it! Cast: Alex Orioli, Ariel Vanean, Dolph Lambert, Elijah Peters, Florian Nemec, Harris Hilton, Jason Clark, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Kevin Warhol, Luke Hamill, Milo Peters, Vadim Farrell

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