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  Juvie Boys 1 + 2

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SKU: LE1834
Price: £29.00
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Director: Michael Lucas
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Andrej Matyas
Felippe Hrabik
Frantisek Hrciak
Jakub Velner
Jan Muzicka
Jiri Suchanek
Josef Sobotka
Karel Gonda
Karel Kohlicek
Khasli Slaby
Lukas Prenosil
Luki Lyko
Lumir Bartos
Makhalyo Shebedyak
Marek Matyas
Olda Smidl
Richard Mencne
Toni Luka


Juvie Boys 1 + 2 is a superb two disc set that spans a whopping 270 minutes that sees these Czech teen tearaways get what they deserve. Teenage runaways, tough cops, grungy jail cells, and strict reprimands - it's all in a day's work for the guys in juvenile hall and the ten horny young Czech's in Juvie Boys 1 show what happens to naughty boys. Doctor Richard Mecner does check-ups on two of the hall's recently admitted cons, Muzicka and Hrabik. He gives the hot Muzicka an anal probe with a rubber glove on and horny Hrabik works himself up while watching. The tension soon builds to a suck-and-fuck fest that includes everything from dildos, to paddle-slapping and candle wax. Sex pig officer Karel Kohlicek interrogates wild boy Marek Matyas. Matyas keeps touching himself during the interview and Kohlicek tells him to stop and get down to lick his feet. Matyas obliges and Kohlicek practically foot-fucks Matyas' mouth before flipping him over to slap his ass red. The two suck dick, lick ass, and finally fuck until Matyas cums all over Kohlicek's foot before licking it back off. Jiri Suchanek pees on fellow con Luki Lyko, who takes it in the mouth and spits it back at Suchanek. The two eat ass, bathe in more piss and fuck each other's asses up to an explosive conclusion to the film's kinkiest scene. Tough-guy officer Olda Smidl reprimands two twink runaways, Andrej Matyas and Karel Gonda and then tells them to suck each other off while he watches. The two do so and eventually Smidl joins in. They take turns eating his ass before Matyas gets rammed from behind by both of them. Kinky twinks go crazy in Juvie Boys 2 and a cast of eight horny young Czech studs show how hardcore they can go. Blonde hottie Frantisek Hrciak is jacking off to a dirty mag when Khasli Slaby walks in the room, enema at hand. The two immediately engage in heavy footplay, spitting, cock-sucking, and whipping. Frantisek then douches out Khasli's firm ass before fucking it in multiple positions. Hot twink Lumir Bartos is pumping iron in the gym when he sees Jakub Velner getting dressed. Lumir tells Jakub to put a leather jockstrap on and roughly suck his toes while Lumir wears a mask. Lumir sticks his dick through a weight plate and orders Jakub to suck it hard. Lumir paddles Jakub hard, orders him to eat his tight ass, and mounts him in multiple positions. The two then cum in each other's mouths. Makhalyo Shebedyak calls up escort Toni Luka and Makhalyo sucks his uncut dick while getting spanked. After fucking him, Toni cums all over the ball-gag that is in Makhalyo's mouth, and licks it off. Lukas Prenosil is playing pool with twink Josef Sobotka when the two start getting horny. Lukas sucks on Josef's feet and dick before Josef whips Lukas's hot ass and then fucks it on the pool table. Josef eventually shoots his load on Lukas, who returns the favour into Josef's mouth. Who knew that serving time for bad behaviour calls for some bad behaviour of its own? Cast: Andrej Matyas, Felippe Hrabik, Frantisek Hrciak, Jakub Velner, Jan Muzicka, Jiri Suchanek, Josef Sobotka, Karel Gonda, Karel Kohlicek, Khasli Slaby, Lukas Prenosil, Luki Lyko, Lumir Bartos, Makhalyo Shebedyak, Marek Matyas, Olda Smidl, Richard Mencner, Toni Luka

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