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  Hole Patrol

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SKU: RS9697
Price: £34.00
Studio: Rascal Video
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Arpad Miklos
Eddie Stone
Fredrick Ford
Jason Ridge
Johnny Hazzard
Nick Capra
Owen Hawk
Shane Rollins
Tommy Ritter


Tommy Ritter, Owen Hawk, and Shane Rollins are stopped by small-town sheriffs Fredrick Ford and Jason Ridge and hauled off to jail in Hole Patrol. With cellmate Johnny Hazzard, they form a plan to overthrow evil warden Eddie Stone. In five excellent (and long) scenes, the first-rate cast gets down and dirty. First, a goateed Ridge takes Ritter in for questioning and ends up impaled on his own nightstick. This scene is slow and intense as director Chi Chi LaRue builds the erotic tension between the guys. There's a sexy blowjob with handcuffs and eventually Ritter tops Ridge, nicely reversing the roles in this power struggle. The next scene is equally impressive as Rollins is sent to see Dr. Schmidt (Nick Capra) for an unidentified illness. Working his rubber glove with a vengeance, a very verbal Capra sucks, eats out and fucks his patient. Next, guard Arpad Miklos pounds smooth tattooed loveboy Hazzard. Miklos also gets together with Ridge and Ford. They perform some oral, then Ford bottoms for Ridge. But the final scene is the keeper: Stone and Ford take on the three prisoners. Stone does a great job here, sucking and bottoming for all three. Hazzard also gets in on the fun, topping Stone as well and ultimately helping the boys escape. Superb picture quality and vibrant colours enhance the solid production values and fine videography. Clocking in at more than two-and-a-half hours, Hole Patrol certainly gives viewers their money's worth. Cast: Eddie Stone, Johnny Hazzard, Jason Ridge, Fredrick Ford, Arpad Miklos, Owen Hawk, Nick Capra, Shane Rollins, Tommy Ritter

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