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SKU: FC19646
Price: £26.00
Studio: Falcon (Mustang)
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Brandon Wells
Cory Evans
Dax Kelly
Jake Taylor
Kyle Reardon
Rusty Samuels
Ryan Wagner
Steve Cannon


Jake Taylor conks his head after a slip in the shower in Hardhats and develops the ability to read minds and make secret fantasies come true, or something like that. In any case, the bare bones storyline is enough for four terrific man-to-man scenes, spiked with LaRue's expert touch. Taylor's acting leaves a lot to be desired, but he does sport bright blue eyes, an enticing set of hair-covered pecs and abs and a thick, meaty pole. His extended three-way featuring sexy, long-haired Cannon and yummy redhead Samuels is worth the price alone. Luckily for customers, the dvd also boasts sizzling sex between cute muscleman Evans and enthusiastic bottom Kelly, and a sweet 'n' hot scene with Taylor and Wagner (moaning happily). Reardon energetically devours Wells' ass in an otherwise blah scene. Leave plenty of room in your LaRue collection for this one. Cast: Rusty Samuels, Cory Evans, Kyle Reardon, Steve Cannon, Jake Taylor, Dax Kelly, Ryan Wagner, Brandon Wells

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