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  Fuck Me Hard

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SKU: LE4228
Price: £31.00
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Director: Michael Lucas
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: PAL
Ace Rockwood
James Hobbes
JP Powers
Marco Cruise
Michael Lucas
Phillip Aubrey
Rafael Alencar
RJ Alexander
Spencer Reed
Wade Warren


The fine line between pleasure and pain is obliterated in this savage Lucas Entertainment dvd, Fuck Me Hard. Going to a rougher, harder place than ever before, these ten New York City studs pummel and plough each other in five white-knuckle hardcore scenes that will leave you stunned. The massively hung power tops drill deep into tight, round asses and hungry throats until the bottoms beg for mercy. Artist James Hobbes is hard at work when the power goes out and an intruder invades his studio, and later, his ass. Brutish Rafael Alencar roughs James up good, threatening him and heaving him across the room onto a pile of cardboard boxes. Holding his prey face-down, Rafael uses his bulging muscles to rip James's jeans clean off his butt, which is merely a prequel for the brutal events that follow. When James tries to call the police, Rafael rips the phone out of the wall and ties James up in the twisted phone cord, he then proceeds to put the ass in assault by spanking and playing with James's tight boyhole before plunging in with his mammoth tool and giving him the aggressive fuck of a lifetime. Chained to the ceiling, blonde twink Phillip Aubrey is on perfect display so that muscle top Spencer Reed can inspect his sculpted and boyish ass. After copping several feels on his lucky prisoner, Spencer goes to town on his stiff pole, and then his hungry ass. Unable to leave his own hard cock unattended, Spencer unties Phillip so that he can slurp it with gluttony. Spencer ties up Phillip's wrist, bends him over, and fucks the hell out of him, complimenting the boy's tight ass with his raging tool. Spencer continues to pound Phillip across the room until he finally explodes in a creamy load across his master's boots. Michael Lucas can't seem to concentrate as his adorable and fuckable maintenance man struggles to repair his radiator. Crouching in his ripped-up thermal shirt, with just the perfect amount of ass cleavage peeking out of his bodacious jeans, RJ hammers away at the old rusty bitch until Michael can't take it anymore. Whipping his dick out and cursing wildly, Michael pisses a yellow stream down RJ's throat and shoves his cock in his acquiescent mouth. Clearly, RJ's hammering on the office radiator gave Mr Lucas some ideas, for soon he himself is hammering away at RJ's supple, smooth ass. The scene crescendos with a mutual bladder explosion when RJ bathes in his own piss and finally, Michael's cum. Clad in a suit and tie, black power top Ace Rockwood can't contain his excitement when he stumbles across the delectable Wade Warren finishing up a mural. Whipping his massive black cock out of his pinstripe trousers, Ace spanks Wade across the face and plunges into his deep moist throat. Ace then bends the pale, smooth bottom over a trash can so he can explore his tight hole with his tongue. Soon enough, Ace is bullying Wade's virginal hole with his monstrous dick, as Wade wails in exquisite pain. Ace covers Wade's mouth to suppress the screams until the two cum across the tagger's smooth torso. The massive JP Powers is busy pleasuring himself when cock-fiend Marco Cruise barrels into the room, desperate for cock. The tribal-tattooed muscle pig drops to his knees at lightning speed to devour JP's huge black schlong. JP bends Marco over and impales him with a big black dildo. Insatiable Marco can't get enough, and deep throats the dildo while JP finishes the fuck with his own massive meat. Powers pounds the power-bottom until they both squirt hefty loads in the wondrous finale to this roller coaster of raunch. Fuck Me Hard is a wild ride of dick-slapping, cum-guzzling mayhem, giving all new meaning to the phrase I Like It Rough! Cast: Rafael Alencar, James Hobbes, Ace Rockwood, J.P. Powers, Marco Cruise, Michael Lucas, Phillip Aubrey, R.J. Alexander, Spencer Reed, Wade Warren

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