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  Fuck Flik 1

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SKU: RS17827
Price: £32.00
Studio: Raging Stallion
Director: Chris Ward
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Aaron Tanner
Blake Harper
Bruce Jennings
Bryce Pierce
Carlos Morales
Chris Steele
Dean Coulter
Enrico Vega
Jason Branch
Michael Brandon
Michael Vincenzo
Peter Raeg
Rily Porter
Robert Black
Shane Rollins
Sky Donovan
Tony Cummings


With Fuck Flik 1, director Chris Ward decided to he wanted to release an all-fucking video with nothing but hardcore anal penetration, and decided to go back to some of his favourite scenes to select the best footage to make this amazing dvd. The result is high-quality, first rate fucking from the studio that built it's reputation on cock up the hole! Each of the ten segments is between ten and twenty minutes long and it is all fucking. A massive manifesto of male lust! Cast: Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Robert Black, Dean Coulter, Chris Steele, Bryce Pierce, Michael Vincenzo, Tony Cummings, Enrico Vega, Sky Donovan, Carlos Morales, Aaron Tanner, Michael Brandon, Taurus, Shane Rollins, Peter Raeg, Rily Porter, Bruce Jennings

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