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  Do Not Disturb: Heartbreak Hotel + Hotel Cazzo (2 Dvds)

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SKU: CZ13664
Price: £36.00
Studio: Cazzo Film
Director: Jorg Andreas
Source: Germany
Language: German
System: PAL
Anthony Spell
Anton Kern
Ben Bianco
Christoph Blanc
Christophe Blanc
David Chelsa
Eric Finnegan
Felix Groth
Fillipo Romano
Lance de Moor
Marc Rochell
Mats Riem
Max Schneider
Michelangelo Risi
Mike Conway
Norbert Thorm
Peer Nagel
Tony Rangel
Tony Vella


A great double pack of two Cazzo dvds. To start Heartbreak Hotel, Felix and Kai are so horny that even on the way to their honeymoon hotel they can't keep their hands out of each other's pants, and even fuck on the hood of their wedding carriage - behind them a romantic backdrop of picture-perfect cornfields. Adventure and excitement lie ahead. Peer and Mats, another newlywed couple, arrive and start right away on the hotel bellboy, Max, plugging up his mouth and arse with their large parts until he doesn't know which sexy guest called for room service in the first place. On their wedding night the husbands go their separate ways, stalking the dark hotel, down corridors, kitchen and bedrooms, fucking everyone's wedding partner but their own! The next morning the other hotel guests meet up in the group shower, going at each other with their throbbing morning hard-ons. Mats has to put out when he meets the charming pricks of Christophe and Felix, while Christophe had just plugged up David's greedy hole the night before while their husbands were going at it in the bar. After all the cat fights that follow, everyone ends up married again - to someone else! Hotel Cazzo opens with a group of tourists arriving at an Italian airport where they are met by Christophe Blanc holding a sign for Hotel Davide. Our gang piles into a minibus and upon arriving at the hotel, the first sex scene occurs with a surly guest seated at an outdoor table to whom Blanc brings a drink. The guest plops down some money and Blanc removes his shirt. More money on the table and Blanc drops his underwear to release his stiffening dick, at which point the guest leans over to suck it. Blanc shoots a large load and our guest gets the fucking he deserves. A sexy skinhead floating on a raft in the pool is ogled by a bearded guest. After a time they move over to a chaise longue where the skinhead swallows the big worm until they move indoors where the skinhead is skewered on his new friend's prick. A black stud is napping when a young shy towel boy comes into his room. As the boy begins his chores, the black stud removes his nine-inch dick for the boy to deep-throat. They engage in a fabulous sixty-nine before the lad is fucked. The lad is caught in the hall by Blanc who hauls him outside and forces the boy to suck his cock. A muscular guy joins in so the lad can suck his dick. Another guest arrives, and the boy must divide his attention among three cocks. It is not long before he is laid back on a table to give them access to his ass. With the cute coverboy covered in cum, this excellent dvd ends. Cast: Christophe Blanc, Eric Finnegan, Lance de Moor, Tony Rangel, Justin, Ben Bianco, Mike Conway, Michelangelo Risi, Fillipo Romano, Kyper, Anton Kern, Anthony Spell, Christoph Blanc, David Chelsa, Felix Groth, Marc Rochell, Mats Riem, Max Schneider, Norbert Thorm, Peer Nagel, Tony Vella

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