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  Chav Domination

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SKU: MP10677
Price: £28.00
Studio: Fucked!
Source: United Kingdom
Language: Foreign
System: PAL
Dirk Degger
Ivan Rueda
Kirk James
Michael Shade
Raul Zambrano
Steve Flick
Timo Big
Timo Krupp
Tom Stein


Down dark alleys, dragged back to their flat or even out in the open for everyone to see, these thugs are looking for young lads to service their fat throbbing cocks - it's time for Chav Domination! They may steal your money, they may rob your phone, but they will definitely fuck you up the arse before drenching you in spunk! Cast: Ivan Rueda, Michael Shade, Raul Zambrano, Tom Stein, Kirk James, Dirk Degger, Timo Big, Steve Flick, Timo Krupp, Dennis, Raffael

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