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  Carnal Intentions

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SKU: HB12755
Price: £5.00
Studio: Men Of Odyssey
Director: Jim Steel
Source: USA
Language: English
System: PAL
Brad Benton
Chad Donovan
Clay Maverick
Drew Larson
Evan Taylor
Jake Armstrong
Lark Larson
Matt Spencer
Max Grand
Tony Donovan


Carnal Intentions garnered a whopping 12 GayVN nominations in 2002, including a win for Best Actor Tony Donovan, and its easy to see why. Tony and Chad Donovan play sickeningly rich and immoral stepbrothers, always looking for the next score and trying to top the other with their exploits. Tony has wanted to schtupp Chad since day one but Chad will have none of it. Until now. Enter virginal Brad Benton - the ultimate conquest. A bet is made: Tony tells his bro that he can conquer the virgin and steal his well-publicised virginity. If he does, Chad's gotta give up his booty. If he loses, Chad gets Tony's prized Cadillac. The tale starts out with Tony talking to his therapist (Thor Stephens) about his sexual problems - which are that he can't stop fucking everything. He tells his therapist about an encounter that he had in the back of a limousine with Evan Taylor. It's a great, claustrophobic fuck in the back-seat, with Taylor riding Tony's huge uncut cock with great abandon. Afterwards, Tony tells Taylor that he's ready to move on with him, but in order to do so, Taylor must tell his boyfriend about them so they can start fresh. Tony is on his way out the door when his therapist's phone rings and we pan to a photo of the doctor and Taylor. We meet Chance (Lark Larson), who has just come out of the closet and Chad decides to take him under his wing and show him the ropes, allowing him to stay at the mansion. Then the bet is made and a group of guys (Tony, Chad, Larson, Jake Armstrong and Clay Maverick) head out on the town for dinner. Chad runs into Matt Spencer, local quarterback. "You know, I'm not really gay," Spencer tells Chad before he gets the bejesus fucked out of him. Little does Spencer know, Chad has rigged a hidden webcam and broadcasts their encounter (Spencer has a field day getting plowed by Chad's huge cock) to eager fans on the Internet. In the meantime, Tony is still trying to get into Benton's pants. They talk at Tony's pool and Tony suggests taking a little swim. Benton sees right through him, especially after Tony drops his pants for a little skinny dip action. Benton laughs and tells him it's not gonna be that easy and that he's heard stories about Tony. He then leaves the poor little rich boy dangling. The next two sex scenes have Tony's buddy Armstrong diddling Drew Larson by the gorgeous pool (with some great videography) and Maverick taking advantage of young Lark Larson in the gym. Tony videotapes Armstrong and Drew by the pool; see, Drew is the one who told Benton to watch out for Tony. So Tony blackmails Drew with the videotape and gets Drew to call Benton and reassure him that all is good and that Tony's not a threat at all. Tony and Benton start a romance that ultimately leads to a red-hot sex scene between the two lovebirds on a leather chair in front of a fish tank. This scene has the most heat in the dvd, the connection between Benton and Tony is very strong. Then things go a little haywire: Chad realises that Tony and Benton are really falling in love and decides to have a little fun. He forces Tony to call Benton and reveal that their whole relationship was just a bet. This, of course, sends a tearful Benton reeling as Tony rushes over to mend things. Sadly, after Tony has tried, to no avail, to sway Benton, he drives home and is killed in a car accident. But not before he leaves his journal exposing Chad and himself as who they really are. The once innocent Benton decides to enlist the aid of Lark, who discovers that Chad has been videotaping him as well. So the two hatch a plan to get Chad, avenge Tony. Enter Max Grand, a hustler paid by the two guys to get Chad. And get him they do. They broadcast the sex scene between Grand and Chad (Grand bottoming) to everyone on the Internet. And so the mighty fall! Great script, sexy cast, great dvd! Cast: Tony Donovan, Chad Donovan, Brad Benton, Jake Armstrong, Drew Larson, Clay Maverick, Evan Taylor, Matt Spencer, Lark Larson, Max Grand, Others


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